Technical Updates

X15 CM2350 New Engine Oil Pressure Sensor-QSOL Reference: TSB170099. A new oil pressure sensor is now available.

New Natural Gas Engine Fuel Shutoff Valves- QSOL Reference: TSB170098. New fuel shutoff valves have been released. New fuel shutoff valves are different in appearance and electrical connectors are in different locations.

Ignition Coil Extension Maintenance Interval- QSOL Reference: TSB170100. Ignition coil extension service interval implemented to reduce unplanned down time.

ISM/QSM New Fuel Supply Line-QSOL Reference: TSB170094. New fuel supply line material is steel braided flexible PTFE.

X15 CM2350 Belt Shredding Charging System Alternator Out of Alignment-QSOL Reference: TSB170102. Belt shredding beginning on inside rib caused by alternator not properly aligned.