Technical Updates

Agility Blue IQ Fuel System – Eco Mode Excessive Road Speed Limit - QSOL Reference: TSB190072. The driver may be able to exceed the Maximum Accelerator Speed Limit set in INSITE™ electronic service tool when in ECO mode

CES 20074 Engine Lubricating Oil Specification No Longer Recommended for Certain Natural Gas Engines - QSOL Reference: TSB190071. The CES 20074 engine lubricating oil specification will no longer be recommended for use in certain on-highway spark ignited natural gas engines. Engine lubricating oils conforming to this specification will no longer be approved by Cummins Inc. for use in these engines effective 1 January 2020.

ISX CM570 Western Star Charging System Alternator Bracket Interference with Water Pump - QSOL Reference: TSB190074. New design water pump is not compatible with Western Star chassis charging system alternator bracket.

Bosch VE, VP-14, or VP-30 Recon Fuel Pump Kit Update - QSOL Reference: TSB190085. New fuel pump gear design was changed to extend 3 mm into center hub of part number 4932713 to allow the gear to contact the driveshaft away from machined keyway.