Cleaning the DPF is Not Recommended for EPA 2017 Models

Per the maintenance manual for the B6.7, L9, and X15 if the aftertreatment DPF has been removed for maintenance cleaning and is considered reusable (according to the Aftertreatment Diesel Oxidation Catalyst and Aftertreatment Diesel Particulate Filter Reuse Guidelines, Bulletin 4021600), the aftertreatment DPF should be returned to Cummins Inc. to be exchanged. Cummins Inc. does not endorse localized air cleaning machines for ash removal. All DPFs requiring ash cleaning should be returned to a Cummins Inc. Authorized Repair Location in exchange for a New/Recon DPF. Unauthorized cleaning methods cannot be used to clean the DPF. The information in this document has no effect on present warranty coverage, nor does it authorize TRP or Campaign actions.