Guidanz Mobile App 3.0 Now Available

The Guidanz Mobile App is continuously evolving to improve the user experience and expedite service events. Guidanz Mobile 3.0 was recently released with enhanced capabilities. New functionality includes:

- Campaign Calibration: the ability to perform calibration revision updates if the engine qualifies for the calibration campaign. This feature is currently available for select users in North America and will expand to include other user groups/types.

- Campaign Notifications: mobile users will receive a notification of campaign eligibility from their connected engine(s).

- Subscription Notifications: users will receive a reminder to renew their Immediate Assessment subscription14 days prior to expiration.

- Subscription Management: Users can now review the details related to their subscription directly in the Account Management section on the Settings tab.

- Bug fixes and other minor improvements.

To use Guidanz Mobile App 3.0, make sure you have the latest version of INLINE™ 7 drivers and firmware. For additional information, review PPC 5707 on QuickServe® Online.