Repair and filing information for SCR field actions for 2010 and 2013 HD and MR product

Recently released ATCs, Campaigns, and TRPs directing the replacement of SCRs on certain Cummins engines have been revised to provide greater clarity of the work instruction. These field actions may refer to TSB150105, TSB140086, or TSB130099, the parts listed in these TSBs are not covered by the respective field action. Please refer to the field action and attachment(s) of the specific ATC, Campaign, or TRP for the covered labor and part numbers.

Additional text has been added to each TSB stating, “Verify if your unit is eligible for an SCR related TRP or Campaign. If so, coverage parameters, repair instructions, parts and labor reimbursements as defined in the TRP/Campaign documents will take precedence over repairs, parts and labor outlined in this document.”

Claim filing process for retroactive SCR replacement

Please refer to Memo 1825-C when filing for retroactive credits for SCRs that were replaced under customer pay.

Warranty Memo Revision #1825-C, Retroactive Claim Filing Instructions for Field Actions


Q: RSW gives an error for over 365 days when I enter the date the customer replaced the SCR. How do I create the claim?

A: Use the date of the current work order.

Q: My claim was sent back to me stating that parts cannot be claimed. How do I seek reimbursement for part costs?

A: Enter the invoice value of the covered parts in the Other Claimables section of the claim. Consumables should not be included in this total.

Q: My claim was sent back to me stating that SRTs are not covered. How do I seek reimbursement for labor costs?

A: Covered labor amounts for each retroactive field action are listed in M1825-C. Labor totals up to the listed amounts can be claim in the Other Claimables section of the claim.