North American Parts Support Process

In November 2016 1-800-CUMMINS™ was introduced to the North American Market as the single point of entry for support on Engines, Power Generation equipment, and EBU warranty. In its reception it was perceived as something more than originally intended as it relates to parts. There appears to have been a misconception that 1-800-CUMMINS was designed to be a resource for parts technical and order management support.

North American Dealers Parts Responsibility
   Dealers providing service to Cummins Engines and Power Generation
   Equipment are to engage their local distributor branch for parts
   technical and availability inquires

North American Distributor Branch Parts Responsibility
   Distributor Part professionals need to exhausts all internal resources
   related to any parts technical or supply chain inquiry in their region
   prior to engaging support. Once all internal resources have been
   exhausted Distributors have an escalation path for parts technical and
   parts availability they are to follow.