Technical Updates

ECMB Engine Control Module (ECM) Repair Process and Parts Availability Notice - QSOL Reference: TSB180130. An ECMB repair process has been created to reduce wait time for ECMBs.

Paccar Fault Code 3567 and 3568 - QSOL Reference: TSB180129. PACCARâ„¢ wire harness connector to aftertreatment diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) dosing system has a pin that can be pushed back during assembly; Resulting in an intermittent connection causing a low voltage condition, logging Fault Code 3567 and or Fault Code 3568.

Paccar 320 and 520 Air Compressor Failure Due to Foreign Object Debris - QSOL Reference: TSB180127. Air compressor air inlet hose internal expansion spring broken off and ingested by air compressor.

New Crankshaft Seal Service Tools - QSOL Reference: TSB180112. Reusable required service tools to be used for rear crankshaft seal service events have been released.