September 2018
Copy Claim Function in RAPIDSERVE™ Web

RAPIDSERVE™ Web has a function that allows users to create a copy of past claims that were paid or denied. The user will not be required to enter in most of the information that is required in the “New Claim Details” section of a claim.

Updated VG Turbo and Actuator Warranty Exchange - Effective OCT 01, 2018

Cummins aftermarket variable geometry (VG) turbocharger and electronic turbo actuator warranty eligibility and claim reimbursement for on-highway applications in the United States and Canada under New or ReCon Parts Warranty Coverage for Parts purchased on or after October 01, 2018.

Revision to EBU Engine Trade Out (ETO) Form

A revised version of the Engine Trade Out (ETO) form is now hosted on QuickServe® Online on the Warranty Tab, Related Information mini tab. This version is intended to reduce the complexity of the form and simplify completion of the ETO process.

Immediate Assessment Features Now Available For Dealers And Fleets

Immediate Assessment is a key feature of the GuidanzTM Mobile app that enables users to assess prioritized faults, identify most likely root causes and review estimated repair times. In addition, the mobile app can read public J1939 faults, identify the nearest certified Cummins service location and share information with the nearest Cummins-certified service location, to improve equipment uptime.

Mechanical & Electrical Service Tools

Do you want to stay up to date on the most recent released tools and tooling changes? Review the latest from the Service Tools Group in this month’s Tooling Update.

Technical Updates

We’ve made further improvements to the list of Technical Updates. Please keep in mind that this information does not replace instructions located on QuickServe® Online.

Recent Cummins Warranty Communications Listing

Have you missed any recent Cummins Warranty Publications? Review a summary of Dealer Warranty Communications published since August 8, 2018. For the most up-to-date list, log onto QuickServe® Online.



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