May 2017
1-800-CUMMINS™ Overview

Cummins Care exists to make the lives of our customers easier by providing a seamless support experience. Today, there are 20 legacy phone numbers customers and service providers use to get the information they need from Cummins Care. In an effort to simplify contacting Cummins Care we launched 1-800-CUMMINS as the single phone number for Cummins support.

Updated Repair Direction for Leaking Injector Cups on ISX Engines

Cummins has recently released two TSBs regarding new repair direction when a Customer complaint of coolant in the fuel or fuel in the coolant is determined to be caused by leaking injector cups in the cylinder head on ISX engines. The repair directions are different depending on the configuration of the engine, but the cylinder head should not be replaced if the unit is under warranty until the new repair approach is attempted. If the coolant in fuel or fuel in coolant complaint returns after following the appropriate TSB, the head would need to be replaced.

2017 X15 Initial Dealer Parts Stocking Promotion

The 2017 X15 Initial Dealer Parts Stocking Promotion is designed to encourage dealers to stock parts required to complete minor repairs on the 2017 X15. Dealers will receive a recommended parts stocking list in Q3 2016 which contains the part numbers and quantity for parts eligible for this promotion.

Technical Updates

We’ve made further improvements to the list of Technical Updates. Please keep in mind that this information does not replace instructions located on QuickServe® Online.

Warranty Communications

Have you missed any recent Cummins Warranty Publications? Review a summary of Dealer Warranty Communications published since April 8, 2017. For the most up-to-date list, log onto QuickServe® Online.


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