April 2017
Improving Customer Uptime and Shop Scheduling with Cummins Guidanz™ Mobile App and INLINE™ Mini Adapter

Cummins will soon release a new mobile app that harnesses advanced algorithms and cloud computing technology to improve the overall service experience of customers. The Guidanz mobile app allows customers to quickly read fault codes and other key information on 2007 and newer engines, as mentioned in the prior issue of ServiceLine.

Communication for Electronic Service Tools

When it comes to tuning and diagnosing issues with a Cummins engine, the INSITE™ software suite is an invaluable item in a technician’s toolbox. However, there is another tool that is frequently overlooked or even completely unknown to most INSITE users, and that is the associated website for INSITE: http://insite.cummins.com. This website provides a wealth of information that most end-users seek via telephone from INSITE’s support group, the Cummins Care - Electronic Service Tools team. It also provides software downloads, software error information, emerging issues INSITE, suite training, and self-service options.

Technical Updates

We’ve made further improvements to the list of Technical Updates. Please keep in mind that this information does not replace instructions located on QuickServe® Online.

Warranty Communications

Have you missed any recent Cummins Warranty Publications? Review a summary of Dealer Warranty Communications published since March 8, 2017. For the most up-to-date list, log onto QuickServe® Online.


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