March 2017
Streamlined System For Service – Cummins Guidanz™

Over the years, Cummins service tools and programs have evolved into a collection of discrete and separate products. Users often had to access multiple systems and enter the same information several times for a single repair event. The new Cummins Guidanz web application streamlines this process by prepopulating data and performing lookups of relevant service information on a product serial number. Even select warranty claim information will be systematically compiled through Guidanz, making the end to end service experience more efficient, more accurate and more cost effective for service providers and certified repair customers alike.

Cummins Guidelines when Servicing Tampered Engines

Cummins has recently released several clarifications of Cummins service direction for vehicles with tampered emissions control systems that are being repaired at Cummins authorized repair locations.

Technical Updates

We’ve made further improvements to the list of Technical Updates. Please keep in mind that this information does not replace instructions located on QuickServe® Online.

Warranty Communications

Have you missed any recent Cummins Warranty Publications? Review a summary of Dealer Warranty Communications published since February 8, 2017. For the most up-to-date list, log onto QuickServe® Online.

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