January 2017
Technician Actual time

The Technician Actual Time field is an optional claim field in RAPIDSERVE™ Web that was created to help service providers capture actual technician hours on a Cummins warranty claim. This field is designed to assist in analyzing and improving Warranty Labor Recovery for service providers.

Enhanced Parts Return

The Enhanced Parts Return (EPR) Program is critical in identifying and correcting field product issues in a timely manner for our customers. If a part is required to be returned via the EPR process, a notification with shipping instructions will be given through BMS or RAPIDSERVE™.

Technical Updates

We’ve updated the list of Technical Updates. Please keep in mind that this information does not replace instructions located on QuickServe® Online.

Warranty Communications

Have you missed any recent Cummins Warranty Publications? Review a summary of Dealer Warranty Communications published since December 8, 2016. For the most up-to-date list, log onto QuickServe® Online.

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